Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage can be traced in Thailand back more than 2500 years ago. Shivago was a personal friend and Physician to the Buddha. The monks and nuns cherished the teachings of Shivago which came to be known as Traditional Thai Medical Massage.

Thai Massage is different from other forms of masssage in that there is no oil used, the practitioner uses a comfortable floor mat (as opposed to a table), and the client remains comfortably clothed throughout the massage. Thai Massage blends point pressure and stretching, benefiting those who find themselves stiff, sore, and tired from overexertion in work or sports, or from arthritis and other disease.

Benefits: Thai Massage is an excellent alternative therapy for rehabilitation of injury, pain relief and stress reduction. It is nurturing, calming, enlivening and will expand your idea of what body work can be.


Thai Yoga Massage: Certified By James Peckham, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Continued Education with Pichest Boonthnmme, Chiang Mai, Thailand



Jay Gondek inspired me to be the best triathlete I could be. He was my personal trainer for almost three years in Santa Fe. He added a spiritual element that most trainers lack. Jay taught me about the importance of flexibility and incorporating regular stretching and pilates into my training. Pilates was a new challenge for me and strengthened my core. Jay is an expert in his field of exercise and physiology. He is attentive and supportive. The most important suggestion he gave me was to try Thai massage. As an athlete, I had never experienced such healing body work for my flexibility and recovery. We also met at the local gym for our weight, plyometric and core workouts. Jay was always punctual, professional and encouraging. He is a model athlete and practices what he preaches about healthy living - mind, body and soul.

Wendy L