After Several Years of taking and teaching The Pilates Method we realize It's All Core All The Time. When Pilates is done well (there is no bad movement, just movement done badly) each movement can be initiated through the core muscles. Core Muscles are any and all of the muscles that support the spine, including the neck and lower back. Breath, Belly and Move are the basics and fundamentals of the method. We learn to move with as little effort to perform the task or exercise which requires grace and control. When you study and train this method all daily tasks become easy and safe for the body. Posture and strength are the tools we use to age gracefully.

Equipment Used: In order to understand the proper ways to move the body we start with equipment to assist you until you are strong enough and flexible enough to perform the exercises alone on a mat.

We start with the Cadillac, Reformer, Chair and Auxiliary equipment to grow the roots of the tree.


Certified by Core Dynamics
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Continuing Education with:

The Pilates Center
Boulder, Colorado

Michael Collins Studio
Santa Fe, New Mexico



Great guy and superior results. Jay Gondek is a dedicated trainer for athletic training and pilates. He is an excellent example of a true professional. Prompt, intelligent, and diligent are all words to describe him!

At age 58, I started a training program with Jay with a specific goal to bicycle over the Andes (Argentina to Chile) into Patagonia. Jay is a superior cyclist and gave me both cyclist training on the road as well as strength and endurance training in the gym and one weekly pilates session. Needless to say, I was in top shape for the tour and continued to work with Jay until he moved from the area.

Jay has a great intuitive sense of creating a program that is flexible. He has a large body of knowledge to draw from in all areas from diet to healthy aging. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a spiritual side which made every session both fun and substantial. Hire him and you won't be disappointed!