Welcome to the site!

Here you will find a brief description of how I help my clients. The fitness and healing modalities explained on this site have been chosen for good reason. They work! They will help you to stay healthy, to be pain free and to perform better.

Each method you will learn has an amazing history.  Many years of experience in using these methods both in my own life and with my clients has taught me not to stray too far from what has been tested through time and research.  We will employ a certain way of using these tools.  My passion is to teach you these modalities so you will have the tools in your toolbox to stay fit and feel good.  And my ultimate goal is to help you to learn how to take care of yourself, developing your own sense of which tool is needed for a given job.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about these fitness methods.

You and Me... together WE can make a difference!